About The Podcast

They might be called misfits, rebels or rule-breakers by some. I think of them as the thinkers and the doers. They are the unique folks who keep our world moving forward. They start movements, enact visions and propel us to do more… and to be more. They are the ones who break things that need to be broken and then build something better.

They are the breakers. These are their stories. And this is Breaker Society. Each week, host Shane Haggerty interviews someone he’s either met along the way or admired from afar to have a conversation about what it takes to challenge the status quo, overcome challenges that stand in the way of progress, and what lessons we can all take to break through and build a better way.

About The Host


Shane Haggerty is an accredited public relations practitioner and has spent 20 years working in two industries–marketing/PR and education. A former teacher and administrator turned marketing professional, Haggerty has led award-winning strategic campaigns for school districts, government agencies, national conferences, businesses, startups, and more.

He has helped clients earn coverage in local media, statewide media, and national media and his campaigns have proven measurable results. In 2010, his “Hi-Point Journeys” campaign, a first-of-its-kind social media effort in K-12 schools, was named an Official Honoree in the International Webby Awards and was also honored as the Best of the Best by the Ohio School Public Relations Association and received a local PRism Award from the Central Ohio PRSA, and a local Addy Award nomination. In 2016, he was honored with the National School Public Relations Association’s top honor, the Gold Medallion, for a campaign that worked to increase awareness and application for a career-technical school district in Central Ohio.

He has been asked to present workshops throughout the country and is currently serving on the National School Public Relations Association Executive Board. He serves as the president of Purposeland, a creative, strategic agency, and media company that believes in the purpose of education. Purposeland exclusively serves clients who serve students and advance education. The company specializes in communications, content marketing, strategic and creative campaigns, marketing, video production, and professional development. The Columbus, Ohio, agency serves clients nationwide and has worked with more than 30 organizations.