Episode Two – Eric Leslie

Eric Leslie PodEric Leslie is the founder and president of OnScene Productions in Columbus, Ohio, a company he founded out of a series of unfortunate events that began with 2008’s Great Recession. The company, though, which today serves dozens of clients in producing video content, was not originally making money through video work. They were designing websites for clients, something Eric was not classically trained to do, but something that he felt was necessary to pay the bills at the time. This did not make him happy. By not being afraid of changing the direction of his young business, Eric set himself up for growth by challenging the traditional, big production agencies. The opportunity to disrupt the video production industry was primed with the rise of digital and the democratization of platforms like Vimeo and YouTube and social media. So, OnScene, like so many startups, rose as a company out of the ashes of a shift in how we consume and do business.


OnScene is a boutique video content agency, with capabilities in digital and commercial productions. In this episode, Eric and host Shane Haggerty talk about entrepreneurship and risk-taking and how having a purpose gives him the drive to do work and life on his terms. We talk about work he has done, how he is redefining the video content industry and much more.



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