Episode 13 – The Season One Finale

It’s the season one finale! Breaker Society host Shane Haggerty goes on the other side of the microphone in this episode allowing himself to be the interviewed instead of the interviewer. Lee Wirick is currently the supervisor of technology at a Central Ohio career center.

IMG_7454Why is he interviewing Shane? Well, Shane hired Lee to be the admissions coordinator at the same school back in 2014 and the two worked hard to increase applications to the district by nearly 40% during their three years working together. Shane could think of no one better to interview him for this episode because Lee challenges him, makes him better, but also pushes his buttons. Definitely makes for an interesting conversation and a fun and interesting way to end the first season.

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Episode 12 – Michael Yoder

Michael Yoder helps people share their stories. Plain and simple. Michael started his own company to help people do it. As the owner of Truth Work Media, Michael tells stories through speaking, creating websites and creating podcasts, including this one. Michael is one of the reasons I felt confident enough to finally launch. Michael describes this process as walking alongside people and encouraging them to live a story that is worth sharing. He helps others lean into what that looks like for them and he says he has found that most people have a story they are longing to create or be a part of, but often they need help getting there.

IMG_7148 2Michael, like most entrepreneurs, quit his day job to live a better story. A graduate of Bethel College’s Youth Ministry program, he worked in some form of relational ministry for nearly a decade before starting his first podcast with a friend that changed his life from that moment forward.

In just two years, Truth Work Media is producing nearly 50 podcasts and Michael has added to his team, making the bold decision to scale up his company. We talk entrepreneurship in this episode, but we also get into some “deep” and maybe some “controversial” topics around the realm of Christianity and faith and politics. We basically went wherever the discussion led us and I think it is a pretty powerful conversation about not just settling for the status quo or conforming to fit into some standard of how life is “supposed to be.” 

Follow Michael on Twitter: @michaelyoder81 

Visit Truth Work Media: https://www.truthworkmedia.com/

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Episode 11 – Susan Enfield

Knowing every student by name, strength, and need is the promise of Highline Public Schools. Under the leadership of Susan Enfield, the district is delivering on this promise by implementing a bold strategic plan committed to ensuring that students graduate bi-lingual, bi-literate with the problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the future they choose.

A former high scIMG_7022hool English, journalism and ELL teacher, Susan served as Chief Academic Officer and then as Interim Superintendent for Seattle Public Schools before coming to Highline in 2012. She previously held leadership positions in Evergreen Public Schools (Vancouver, WA), Portland Public Schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Susan is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and earned master’s degrees from Stanford University and Harvard University. She also holds a doctoral degree in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard’s Urban Superintendents Program. This is a great conversation about education, leadership and having a bold vision for students.

Twitter: @SuptEnfield

Instagram: @SuptEnfield

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Episode 10 – Becky Verner

Becky Verner is a PR pro and a 200-hour certified yoga teacher living and teaching around Cleveland, Ohio. Her practice is playful, peaceful & as powerful as people want to make it! In addition to group classes, Becky leads workshops, private sessions, and small group classes or events like fundraisers, celebrations, and more. She has also taught meditation and yoga to students in schools.

IMG_6890She is also passionate about what she calls Yoga to Remember: gentle yoga & meditation events designed to help those who are grieving. Becky is passionate about this form of grief yoga as she lost her mother when she was just 10 years old. She has completed various yoga certifications and she lived at the Sivananda Bahamas Ashram as a karma yogi a couple years ago. 

Beyond that, Becky also does public relations. In fact, she worked for me in the past and earned media placements and interviews with local and national news outlets and helped lead events for clients like at SXSW Interactive in 2013 and the Ohio Educational Technology Conference in 2013 and 2014. 

Visit Becky’s website at beckyverneryoga.com

National Institute of Mental Health

Benefits of Mindfulness in Schools

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Episode Nine – Heidi Vega

Heidi Vega is the Director of Communications for the Arizona School Boards Association and is the Vice President for Diversity Engagement on the National School Public Relations Executive Board. She was named a Top 35 Under 35 by NSPRA in 2012 for her outstanding work and bright professional future. Prior to her work with the Arizona School Boards Association, she served as the Director of Communications and Community Engagement for the Deer Valley Unified School District, where she secured more than $100 million as the grant writer for the Arizona district. 

Heidi Vega

In this episode, Heidi and I dive into the work she is doing around equity and talk about the issues of diversity and inclusion. We also talk about the state of public education, specifically in Arizona, which has been a hotbed of issues regarding teacher pay and charter schools in recent years. We also have some fun and learn more about Heidi’s military background, how she created her own career pathway, and much more. This is a fun episode!

Follow Heidi on Twitter @Heidi_HVega


Arizona School Board Association Free Equity Webinar Series

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Episode Eight – Brendan Schneider

Brendan Schneider currently serves as the Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy, a PK-12 day school located 12 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals. He’s an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and Hootsuite Certified Professional and is a contributing blogger for edSocialMediaAdmissionsQuest.comSocial Media Today, and Business2Community.

He also operates SchneiderB Media, a community that provides resources on topics like inbound marketing, enrollment and admissions, social media, technology, branding and much more. It features a blog, email, private Facebook group, podcast and VirCon, a virtual school marketing conference now in its sixth year that will be held online on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

In this episode, we talk about how a private school education inspired him to commit his career to private school marketing and admissions, what his goal is with SchneiderB, the latest in trends, and much more. 

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Episode Seven – Andrea Gribble

IMG_6188Andrea Gribble had 13 years experience in the corporate world when she decided to start her own business. It wasn’t easy, but today, her company #SocialSchool4Edu, has a team of more than 20 and serves nearly 70 school districts throughout the country. After working with her daughter’s school district, she learned that many schools lack the time and expertise to feel comfortable with social media and #SocialSchool4EDU was born from that desire to help other schools do the same.

I met Andrea a few years back at a National School Public Relations Association National Seminar in Chicago and she is infectious. She’s outgoing, friendly, helpful and humble and in just a few short years she has built her company up by bootstrapping and pure hustle. It certainly wasn’t without risk and turmoil as she will discuss in this episode, which was recorded during the NSPRA 2018 National Seminar in Anaheim, part of my NSPRA Podcast Sessions recorded in the hotel lobby. This is a fun episode about entrepreneurship and following your passions even when things get tough.

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Visit Andrea’s company online at http://www.socialschool4edu.com


Episode Six – Steve King

Steve King resides in Albany, NY where he works in public relations for the Capital Region BOCES Communications Services team. He studied communications at The College of Saint Rose. He recently launched A Podcast for Creatives, an audio experience for creatives and thinkers in all fields with his co-host Michelle Hickey. Through this podcast, listeners find ideas to help up their game and share experiences with a community of creatives who understand what it’s like to work and create in a digital world.


Steve has always passionate about storytelling, and he has established himself as an innovative and recognized transformational leader in the area of social media and digital communications among public education PR professionals across the country.

I’ve known Steve since he attended a workshop I was conducting at the National School Public Relations Association National Seminar in Baltimore in 2014 so it was fitting we recorded this conversation in the midst of the 2018 NSPRA National Seminar in Anaheim, California in the hotel lobby. We talk about his new podcast, what inspires him and have an honest conversation about topics relating to the area of education, social media and much more.

Away from the office, Steve enjoys finding new (and old) coffee shops with his wife, Rachel, and enjoying a hot brew. He’s a mildly-obsessive Yankees, Cowboys and Knicks fan and there’s a good chance he’s currently thinking about a Seinfeld episode or playing some Billy Joel.

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Connect with Steve:

@thesteveking on Twitter and Instagram

Episode Five – Christian Long

IMG_5778 2Christian Long is an educator, designer, school planner, technology expert, educational futurist, and passionate advocate for innovative learning communities.

He currently operates The Wonder Project, a design thinking studio that helps schools design at the intersection of their mission and their moonshot.

I’ve known Christian now for almost a decade and I learn something every time I have the opportunity to chat with him. He’s definitely a “breaker” and I think you will learn many things from this conversation.


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Visit breakersociety.com and follow us on Twitter @BreakerSociety. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Google Play!

Episode Four – Carla Pereira

Carla Pereira leads a staff of more than 50 at the Peel District School Board, which serves an incredible 154,000+ student body in 257 school buildings in Ontario, Canada. She ascended to the role of Director of Communications & Community Relations in 2017 after working at Peel for more than a decade. She has had the opportunity to work closely with the senior leadership team and the board of trustees, and she has provided timely responses and strategic counsel on issues ranging from straightforward to sensitive and complex, with high legal implications. She’s contributed and led award-winning campaigns and projects, shined a light on major topics and issues of our time, and she is well-respected in the profession leading workshops and training on topics like social media, equity and digital citizenship.


Prior to her work in school PR, Carla led major accounts for a PR firm in Toronto. These clients included pharmaceutical companies and major brands. She helped lead national media relations campaigns with great success, but the idea of working to help students drew her into working with Peel School Board.

If you’ve seen Scandal, think of Carla as an Olivia Pope-type. She handles media and never shies away from what might be considered a “controversial” issue. We talk about some of those issues in this conversation. The role of school communications officer is a vital, yet often misunderstood role, but it is one in which Carla has thrived. She has faced down many voices of opposition and people who have just been flat-out insensitive and on the wrong side of history, in my opinion, and she’s given voice to the many diverse pockets of students that have needed an advocate to lift them up.

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Visit breakersociety.com and follow us on Twitter @BreakerSociety. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Google Play!

Episode 3 – Kim Wilson

IMG_5046 2Kim Wilson figured out that education was her career pathway when a high school business teacher took an interest in her future. While journalism piqued her interest at one time, once she figured out she wanted to be a teacher, the rest was history. She would spend a 36-year career in education as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. The last 14 years of her career she led two Ohio career and technical school districts, where I was fortunate enough to work with her in both districts. Kim actually gave me my first break as I was trying to get into the PR and marketing field and it was truly an opportunity of a lifetime to get to work with her in two districts. Mostly because she is the epitome of what great leadership is all about and she genuinely made every decision with students in mind. That commitment and focus on doing what is in the best interest of students led to an increase in enrollment at both the districts in which she served as superintendent. At Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, during her eight years there, student enrollment went from 456 students to nearly 1,600 students served and impacted by career-tech. During her time at Tolles Career & Technical Center student enrollment increased from an average of 500 students to nearly 1,500.

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But sometimes doing the right thing gets met with resistance and we talk a little about that in this conversation. We dive into how politics gets in the way of progress in education, unions, and more. Most of the freedom of this conversation comes from Kim’s retirement, which began in August 2017. We talk about what she’s doing now that she is retired, what it was like to be a female leader in a male-dominated educational leadership system and much more.

Kim probably doesn’t think of herself as a rule breaker, but the work she did during her 36-year career changed the game in ways she probably doesn’t even recognize herself.

This episode was recorded at Kim’s home in Cincinnati and her dog makes a special appearance as well. Listen for the squeaker toy in the background!